Caring for Turkish Towels & Bathrobes and their Tassels

  Local artisans putting big effort in every thread of hand-woven Turkish peshtemal cotton. There is long generations’ worth of expertise and knowledge to product.

  The ends of almost all of Turkish towels are a series of traditional tassels. Properly caring for your tassel is unavoidable to the longevity of your Turkish towel & bathrobe.

  We want you to know how to properly care for Peshtemal tassels so that your new home decor will last as long as possible.

   How to Care For Your Turkish Tassel:

  Weaving a material like Turkish cotton, which has been around for centuries, requires a centuries-old technique and craftsmanship: try your best and be gentle with your fabric

  Keep it in mind when laundering your Turkish cotton towels and bathrobes for best results wash on the delicate cycle and set to wash to the cold setting.

  Ensure you tighten loosening tassels, and re-roll any that have come undone prior to your wash cycle. This will prove kinder on the fabric when laundering, and keep the tassel from unraveling more.

  We and experts do not recommend putting Turkish towels in the tumble dryer. It may cause the material to unravel and shrink.

   How to Re-roll a Tassel:

  If you find an unrolled tassels do not freak out! As much as we want to help you preserve the integrity of your Turkish cotton, tassels are bound to come undone over time. It is actually easy to re-roll a tassel for anyone in your home :)

   Follow These 4 Easy Steps to Re-roll Your Untied Tassel:

 1)   Separate the threads into two equal sections

 2)   Twist each section in a clockwise direction

 3)   Twist both sections together in a counter-clockwise direction (to bring the sections together)

 4)   Knot tightly at the end

  This easy yet small touch to your tassels shouldn’t take much of your time and rest can guarantee in long term durability of the towels.

   Tassel Styles for Turkish Cotton Towels:

  We will show you 3 most common tassel styles used in traditional Turkish peshtemal towels.

 1)   Single Knot

Turkish  blanket towel tassel

 2)   Twisted Knots

Turkish towel tassel

 3)   Fringe (aka: eyelash fringe)

Turkish towel tassel

   Caring for Bathrobes:

  Light and medium weight, with a tightly knit flat weave, Turkish robes are ideal for after a bath or shower, in the spa, at the beach, on a boat, or in your patio.

  Whether you’ve already purchased your own, or you’re deciding on the design that inspires you most, you’re going to want to make sure your new bathrobe will stand the test of time.

  What you need to know when properly caring for your Turkish bath robes?

  Caring for your Turkish Robes properly can ensure a long-lasting staple in your closet. If you want to get best of your robe and keep it for the long haul rather than just a season, check below and make sure follow these steps.

  Step 1: Machine or Hand Wash Your Turkish Robe

  It’s vital, with 100% fine Turkish cotton, that you are delicate with the material in the wash. Wash in cold water with like colours. Please avoid washing your Turkish robe in hot water as hot water will cause shrinkage. Turkish cotton has extra-long fibers which makes them highly durable so for best results wash on the delicate cycle. Sure you can wash your robe on the regular washing machine setting if needed.

  Step 2: Hang Your Turkish Robe to Dry

  Hanging your Turkish robe to dry is recommended over machine drying. If you need to machine dry, dry on a low heat. However please note there may be some shrinkage after machine drying.

  Step 3: Do Not Use Bleach or Fabric Softeners

  Pure Turkish cotton is highly absorptive and becomes softer and more gentle the more you wash and use. Therefore hide your bleach or fabric softener when washing your Turkish robes


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