Hand Loom traditional vs Machine production of Turkish Towels

There are multiple ways of manufacturing Turkish towels

- Hand loom traditional(Kara Tezgah) and machine productions.

Turkish  hand, bath towels have been woven in the centuries-old loom that has been operating in Buldan/Denizli district in Turkey since 1928. People have the opportunity to see how 'Black Loom(Kara Tezgah in Turkish)' works and how the products are made.

The quality products woven in centuries-old looms are of great interest by local and foreign tourists coming to the Buldan city which is mostly known as their weaving industry.

Black Looms which brought the first examples in Turkey in 1928, are still in Buldan Hand Crafts and Cultural Center and continues to work in 90 years.

These Black Looms, which produce more troublesome and quality products compared to the new generation looms, silk and cotton striped twist-Hoşgör- silk and Buldan cloth belonging to Buldan region are produced.

The cloths are woven on the loom and the shawls, writing, loincloth, shirts, towels and various garments made of these cloths are offered for sale to customers all around the world.

Hence while you can produce 40-50 Turkish towels in a day with traditional Black Loom, you can produce 400-500 Turkish towels with modern machines but with different quality of course. 

We are offering our customers these premium quality Traditionally Hand Loom Turkish towels, with various designs and colors. Stay tuned for more updates...

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