What you need to know about Peshtemal/Fouta Towels?

* Peshtemal or Peshtamal is a traditional Turkish towel used in Turkish baths. It is also used to specify which region people are from and is a part of a deep cultural tradition. There are many kinds of peshtemal with different styles and colors.
* Peshtemal fabric is usually made of 100% cotton produced in hand-woven looms and semi-automatic looms in Turkey. There are some versions of peshtemal towels made out of silk, modal, linen fibers.

Some of the Features of Peshtemals:

– High water absorption, (absorbs as fast as a terry towel, and dries faster than terry towel),
– Space saver (takes up less space than a conventional towel),
– Lightweight
– Get softer and more luscious the more you wash and use,
– Fashionable, DIY clothes, etc
– Multiple uses (can be used in bathrooms, pools, yoga practice, spas, beaches, sport facilities, baby care, and home decoration)

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