Why the Turkish Towels are the best travel towels?

Anyone who travels often or even once but for longer periods knows what we are talking here, that is carrying your favorite bath or beach towel with you on your trip. Here is the thing, with those regular bath towels you need extra space in your luggage and if you use the last moment for sure they won’t get dry as quick as Turkish peshtemal towel. The last thing you want to do is have to pack up a wet towel into your luggage right?


An alternative option for a regular bath towel for your travel is the tiny microfiber pack towel but that option also has its downsides. Such as they are not big enough to wrap around your body, weird scent after so many uses, and not good material on your skin.


Then here it comes into scene Turkish bath towels (Peshtemal). 

Turkish towels, also known as Peshtemals, were first invented in Bursa, Turkey, back in the 17th century. They were used in Turkish baths "Hammam" due to their high-absorbent ability and full length, making them easy to wrap around the body quickly. In recent years, they’ve grown in popularity as beach towels, travel towels, and gym towels due to their large size, high absorbency level, and quick-drying nature.


Having Turkish Towels Benefits for Travel:


*They’re thin. Even though they are cotton they dry fairly quickly.


*They are lightweight compare to regular terry towels. Average Turkish peshtemal towel is around 360-370 gram (13 oz)


*They can cover your body well. Generously sized 95 x 170 cm but space saver when folded (takes up less space than a regular towel).


*They’re soft on your skin. The smooth and fluffy thread of premium Turkish cotton will keep you cozy at all times.


* High water absorption (absorbs as fast as a terry towel, and dries faster than terry towel).


The different uses of a Turkish towel:


Bath Towel – They can wrap around your body for optimal post-shower cover-up.


Travel Beach Towel – Since they’re big and absorbent, easy to carry along with you.


Blanket – For planes, trains, and wherever you might need a nap.


Picnic blanket – Generously sized and colorful design/pattern make Turkish towels great options as a picnic blanket.


Scarf – Perfectly suitable for chilly nights during your travel and easily can adjust around your neck


Baby Blanket – You can swaddle your little one in a Turkish peshtemal towel. (Also enjoy Wow! effect when positioned in a child stroller)


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