Long Surf Poncho
Long Surf Poncho
Long Surf Poncho
Long Surf Poncho
Long Surf Poncho

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Long Surf Poncho

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Details about Long Surf Beach Peshtmeal Poncho :

Crafted with finely loomed Turkish Peshtemal cotton

Made in Turkey using traditional methods, handcrafted fringes

Lightweight and textured, the weave absorbs well, dries fast, and feels great on the skin.

One Size Fits Most (width 65 x length backside 110 cm , length front 95 cm )

Multipurpose, can be used as a light hoodie, after a bath, at the beach, camping, or other outdoor adventures, or simply to cozy up at home


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High water absorption, (absorbs as much as a terry towel, and dries super- fast)

Compact (takes up less space than a conventional towel)


Become softer the more you wash and use

Limitless versatile uses around the home and outdoors

ZERO WASTE Environmentally conscious.

Not only does this towel have many versatile uses, but its production does not use harsh chemicals or dyes. It is made to last you a long, long time!

Do you know ??

PESHTEMAL TOWELS are traditional towels used in Turkish Baths.

HOW ??

They are a staple of Ottoman Hammam culture, dating back hundreds of years.

Turkish cotton has long fibers that open up with use, allowing the thin towels to be highly absorbent.

The question is why Peshtemal Towels are better than regular Terry Towel :

Their extraordinary absorbency, versatility, softness, and ability to dry rapidly, make them a staple in Turkish baths.

Their unique properties are due to the extra-long fibers that comprise Turkish Cotton, making it incredibly strong, and durable.

Remarkably, Peshtemals become even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings